Phase Two: Coaching and Consulting

It’s been eight months since the fire. Insurance has sent me whatever they’re going to send me. I finally own sunglasses that fit my tiny little munchkin head again. Unexpectedly, I got  my fire-house’s entire security deposit back, plus interest. (Which equals, FYI, the exact price of a plane ticket to Bangkok, Thailand; a welcome coincidence I have chosen to not ignore.)

Eight months ago, I had the chance to accidentally glimpse Nirvana for a split second while I was running out of my house on fire. I went through about one week of almost total presence, two or three months of hell, and another four or five months of stabilizing. A few life lessons have ingrained themselves into my brain:

*Indiana Jones pinball; an 8 on the Alex-happiness scale (AHS)
*Indiana Jones pinball; an 8 on the Alex-happiness scale (AHS)
  1. Life is short and precious and you can lose it, or a part of it, at any second.
  2. There is only so much time I have on this planet, and I want to spend most of that time on activities that directly contribute to at least a 5 or 6* in Alex-happiness (see demonstrative photo).
  3. I know what those activities are now.
  4. More than almost anything in the world, even more than writing or traveling, I like helping people realize their own version of steps 1-3.
  5. I should do more of that.

So here I am. Although I’ve been coaching and consulting for friends and friends of friends for well over a decade now, I’ve finally decided to slowly hang up my shingle. I’m meeting with a business consultant and everything.

Take a look at the new redesign of my blog. I’ve created static pages for my coaching and consulting business, testimonials, my resume, etc. I explain how personal coaching works, what to expect from business consulting, and why you might want to hire me. And I promise to do everything in my power to help those I coach realize their steps 1-3, whatever they might be. And, for a lot less money and hassle than a house fire. It’s a pretty good deal.

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