Amish Craigslist

I’m working on a blog post about why, as a minimalist, I’ve decided I want to be exactly 4.9% Amish (no more, no less). But, for now, a few facts I know now after a post-Christmas trip to the Northern Indiana Amish country:

  1. Most Amish use telephones, with specific limitations
  2. Given the choice, over 90% of Amish kids choose to stay in their communities after Rumspringa instead of joining us ‘English’ folks
  3. Rumspringa is, sadly, not shown completely faithfully on MTV
  4. Pinecraft, Florida hosts a large number of Amish snowbirds every winter
  5. Being Amish doesn’t mean staying away from modern medicine, food chemicals or pesticides, or some electricity
  6. Anabaptists are more concerned with maintaining traditional ways of life than with shunning all modern technology (telephones meant folks wouldn’t visit as much, so they’re often outside of the home or have timed limitations)
  7. Many of the Amish and Mennonite folks I met were downright friendly to us English
  8. In a chat with our buggy driver, I found out that the Amish do, indeed, know about what happens in San Francisco
  9. Why no one has invented live-Amish-for-a-week hotels yet, I have no idea

Until next week’s blog post, I figured I’d share one of my favorite finds from Amish Country: a photo from the classifieds from the bi-weekly People’s Exchange, a sort of Amish Craigslist.

There are no less than 117 potential novels and films hidden on this single page.
There are no fewer than 238 potential novels, films and documentaries hidden on this single page.

2 thoughts on “Amish Craigslist

  1. authoramandafarmer says:

    Your # 2 item on your list is that 90% of Amish kids decide to stay in their community after Rumstringa. Have you ever wondered why that is? My theory is that Rumstringa exists to allow kids to taste of the modern world and to find out that it is very difficult to fit into that world after being raised in a very different culture. It is socially, emotionally, and physically difficult make such a drastic change. Then the young one comes back and is content with the Amish lifestyle.


    1. Like a House says:

      It’s also pretty final. When you leave, you’re basically excommunicated from church, community and family. I understand why. It’s a hard life so leaving would be a huge temptation. I wonder sometimes, were I amish, if I would stay or leave.


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