A Donald Trump Fairy Tale



February 1, 2017

For a whole year, Mr. Donald J. Trump had to fight off 16 total losers to become the Republican NOM-I-NEE. And then, in November 2016, Mr. Trump met a mean, old, ugly witch lady. She rode in on her warlock husband’s broomstick, cackling loudly. All the bad people – especially the dark ones from the far away forests – liked the evil witch.

But all of the good people in all of the villages across the United States knew Mr. Trump was the real winner. They all gathered together one day to give him lots and lots of votes. He used those votes to banish that mean old witch and warlock!

Do you want to know why the people loved him so much?

Mr. Trump was very, very brave. Just like in the stories you read in your Christian church you go to on Sundays — just like President Trump has his whole life — he knows that everyone in the world is either good or bad.

Very good people become rich, which allows them to buy planes.

The bad people are scary, and they want to hurt you. But don’t worry. Now that he is the President of the United States, President Trump knows who they are, and he’s going to protect you from them! That’s why he’s building a big, tall wall next to the far-away forest, so they can’t come in anymore.

Would you like to be as smart as President Trump, and know who the bad people are?

It is very, very easy to spot who is good, and who is bad! It’s so simple, even kids can do it!

Go out and look at the people around you. Do they have light-colored skin, or light-colored eyes? Can you understand them when they talk?

If they do all of those things, they might be on our side: the good side!

But watch out: some of them have been brainwashed by the evil, old, ugly witch, or her warlock husband! If they believe you have magic powers to make the Earth hotter, then they are under a spell from the evil witch and her minions!

If they do not have light skin, or eyes, and they talk in a funny way you don’t understand, they are definitely on the other side. The bad side!

You can tell your Mommy and Daddy to be real mean to them. (It’s okay to be mean sometimes. If you are mean to a bad person, that makes you a good person!)

Here is a game you can play. Put a ‘G’ for Good and a ‘B’ for Bad next to each image. Be careful, one is tricky!


White family around dinner table

Mexican family climbing over border fence

Six-year-old Syrian refugee

Black family in church holding Bibles