Writing, Communications and Business Consulting; Brand and Voice Strategy

My unique skill is going beyond metrics or computer analytics to help you create magic. What that looks like will be 100% new each time, depending on each individual person or company.

I’ve worked with companies both large (Starbucks, Oracle, Disney, The Guardian, Lonely Planet) and small (startups, non-profits, solo artists, creative professionals). If you’re an individual, I have about 100 different unconventional exercises I’ve created to help you figure out who you are in relation to your project, business or goal. For businesses, startups or non-profits, I can work with or as your communications team to create a compelling voice or brand.

You can then hire me to do whatever writing, editing or communications you need. I have a background in travel, hospitality, arts and culture, international issues, startups, technology, health, disability and social psychology.

I work by the month, for 1-6 months. My rates are $150/hour or $1000/month and up on retainer. In addition, my hourly writing rates are $85 per hour and copyediting $60 per hour. Payment is by check or paypal at the end of each month.


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