Alex is an outrageous and brilliant coach and consultant, and she made my work a lot of fun, too. She intuitively asked the right questions and helped me strengthen my weak points. I always hated homework and I looked forward to hers, that’s how good she is. Since everything is psychologically intertwined, I needed a shaman thrown in there too, and Alex came through! I give her the highest recommendation and I am really picky.

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Project Coaching

I will change your life.

I’ve been coaching, teaching, consulting and mentoring writers, entrepreneurs, artists, businesses and non-profits since 2001. My extremely unconventional technique blends Quantified Self methods, creative writing and improvisation to allow you to find and accept your voice and style, and then make the very best of it. In fact, I am currently writing a book/workbook about finding your own personal voice and meaning of life using my techniques.

Why coaching?

Coaching is about identifying a goal, hiring someone with a freakishly aware sense of intuition, and then going step by step — with a helping, encouraging hand — to achieve that goal. My coaching isn’t about spending years and years delving into your past, nor is it about changing who you are. This kind of coaching is about seeing you — exactly where you are — and helping you move forward toward one particular goal. And if you develop a few skills that you happen to use in other aspects of your life, so be it.

How long does coaching last? 

I work one month at a time for no more than 3-6 months, depending on the project.


I think I’m ready to sign up but it still sounds weird. What does it look like exactly

Everything you would ever want to know about coaching, you can find here.

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