Before Signing Up

  • Know you’ll be ready for coaching and can commit a pre-determined amount of time to both the coaching sessions and the homework.
  • I screen each client first to make sure we’re a fit.
  • I work by calendar month, so I make my appointments for the following month in the last week of the previous month.

Costs and Payment

  • I conduct a free 15- to 30-min sample coaching session for all prospective clients.
  • Coaching sessions are $200 for once a month, $150 for twice or more per calendar month, due by the 1st of each month. I also work on a monthly retainer if you need more active coaching, starting at $1000 a month. That includes at least one weekly session, plus as many emails or checkins as needed.
  • Sessions are about 50 minutes. We might spend a few minutes arranging the next meeting, but I sometimes book appointments back to back, so even if you’re late, I will still have to end our appointment at no later than :55 past the hour.
  • Payment is through paypal ( or cash.


  • Appointment times over Skype are 10am-4pm PST Tues, Wed or Fri.
  • Unavailable dates:
  • April 14-24, 2016

What Should I Not Expect From Coaching?

Coaching is not therapy. I’m not trained in mental health, and you won’t be asked to talk about your past or your family. Issues will come up, of course, and I’ll make sure you’re talking about these issues in therapy or with another trusted source of mental health. At times, I might suggest a break in coaching.

My coaching is not ‘life coaching’ either. You are fine just the way you are. Really. You simply have a goal, albeit an overwhelmingly big one, and you could use some someone to walk with you, step by step, who’s already been there.

My goal is to make you more of the best of who you already are, not change you into someone you’re not.

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