I work with people who are ready to make a change in their lives to pursue their creative passions. Does this sound like you:

  • Baking makes you gleefully happy, and you think you’re ready to … well, you don’t really know. Become a pastry chef? Start a bakery?
  • You’ve got a good job at a corporation now, but it doesn’t feed your soul. Do you ditch it all to paint full-time?
  • You’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed and you’d like help building a fence so you don’t have to keep chasing after quite so many cows.
  • You really meant to finish your masters thesis, but never quite got around to it. For the past 22 years. But you’ll totally do it next year. You swear.
  • You just got diagnosed with MS or diabetes and you’d like help incorporating your new reality.
  • You want to take a trip to Italy or somewhere adventurous. You want a feeling more than you want a place, and you don’t know where to start.
  • You want more work/life balance.
  • You want to find your voice. It doesn’t even have to be your writer’s voice, just your voice as a unique individual.

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