Alex is an outrageous and brilliant coach and consultant, and she made my work a lot of fun, too. She’s quick and to the point and called me out when necessary. Her coaching was invaluable to me in my business. I thought I knew what to do and she intuitively asked the right questions and found my weak points and helped me strengthen them. I always hated homework and I looked forward to hers, that’s how good she is. Since everything is psychologically intertwined, I needed a shaman thrown in there too, and Alex came through! I give her the highest recommendation and I am really picky.
Laurie Stern
Botanical Perfumer, Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery

Alex has helped us consider the impact of our pricing and payments models, and how they can support our brand and loyalty from our users as our business grows. She has always been very thoughtful and insightful in helping us communicate with and delight our partners and users.
Borna S.
CEO, Agile Diagnosis

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