When I had a coaching dilemma or question, Alex always made me make a list. And then she usually made me rank the list, on a scale of 1-10. It sounds so simple, but I would have never made those lists without her prompting … talking through the list did a ton to help me clarify what I wanted/needed.
Liz Enochs
Former president, Society of Professional Journalists, Northern California chapter

Alex helped me put into focus exactly what my goals were — both personally and professionally — and was very no-nonsense about hammering out some short- and long-term objectives to move me closer to those goals. Through written exercises, Skype sessions and homework (!), Alex was the iron fist in the velvet glove who got me back on track financially, creatively, and emotionally.
Rebecca W.
Travel writer and blogger

Alex’s coaching catalyzed an awareness of my real needs and desires both professionally and personally. As a result, I made huge steps artistically and financially, and learned to stand up for what I really cared about.
Julia P.
Dancer and choreographer

Alex has an incredible amount of knowledge of many varied skilled sets that make her an invaluable help in forming and constructing an approach to personal and economic success. I appreciated her subtle approach, because it allowed me to contemplate and explore my fundamental thoughts and inclinations that have helped lead me towards a more fulfilled life.
Betsey F.
Stylist and artist

Alex gave me some great tools for assisting with my career change. She conducted a couple of great personal Skype sessions with me, after which I felt much more prepared for interviews with potential employers in a new job.
Mike C.; Park ranger


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