Alex was a great pleasure to work with. She took me, a novice writer with no publications to my name, and made my blogging and writing crisp and compelling. She was hands-on and detailed, while allowing me the freedom to find my own style. I am a stronger and more confident writer because of my experience with her.
Jim Doherty
ESADE Business School
Winner, Lonely Planet Bluelist Writing Competition

Alex made a huge difference in coaching me through the co-writing and editing the oral history I did in 2007 (My Years at the North Carolina Fund, by George Esser with Rah Bickley). She gives common sense advice at crunch time and at non-crunch time (when it’s even more important to produce).
Rah Bickley
Writer and Development Officer, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival; Durham, NC

Working with Alex helped my writing career tremendously! During my MFA thesis, Alex sincerely and with much knowledge gave support during the writing and creation of my first novella!  It was such an accomplishment; but not only did I write a novella with Alex’s help, I also shared fond and enriching moments on creativity and the writing process with her!
Content writer, tutor



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